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Call for Nominations--EXTENDED until August 30th

Posted 4 months ago by Kyle Johnson

Dear members,
The nominating committee is making a final appeal to members to consider a ballot position for the 2019 election. While we need candidates for all positions, we especially need nominations for the office of Treasurer and Direct of Education.  We have extended the deadline for submission to Aug 30th. I am listing below the positions and descriptions  again.  

Secretary.  The Secretary keeps the minutes of all meetings of the Board.  The Secretary issues all notices required by the bylaws, or by resolution of the Board.  The Secretary performs all duties of the Secretary, subject to the control of the Board.

Treasurer.  The Treasurer has the custody of all funds and securities of the Constituent League. The Treasurer endorses for collection on behalf of the Constituent League, checks, notes, and other orders or obligations for the payment of money.  The Treasurer has general responsibility for seeing that funds of the Constituent League are deposited to its credit in banks as the Board designates. The Treasurer ensures that bills that have been approved or otherwise authorized by the Board or designee are paid.  The Treasurer sees that full and accurate accounts are kept and audited annually by an internal auditing committee or by a certified public accountant and shall make a financial report to the Board.  The Treasurer also performs other duties assigned by the Board.


Director of Education (DOE).  The Director of Education organizes education events that serve the members of the Texas League for Nursing. Assessment of member needs for education is an invaluable evaluation to ensure the Education Committee is supporting the membership. The Director of Education is supported by an Education Committee who assists with education events throughout the year.  The DOE performs duties as assigned by the Board.


Director of Nominations (DON).  The Director of Nominations prepares the ballot, with input from the Nominations Committee, and submit the prepared slate of officers with a short biography of each nominee, to the Board of Directors.  The Director of Nominations shall chair the elected Nominations Committee.”

If there are questions, feel free to contact sarah.williams1947@outlook.com


Sarah J. Williams, PhD, DNP, RN-BC, CNE, ANEF
Director of Nominations


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