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President's Welcome

Posted over 2 years ago by Amanda Veesart

Welcome to Texas League for Nursing

As your President, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Texas League for Nursing (TxLN). I assumed office this past January and am the Associate Dean for Research and Professor at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. How long have been in nursing education? Well that would be long enough to see a number of changes and, honestly, I hope to be around to see many more! NLN is a great organization to help lead the way.

The purpose of the TxLN is to support and implement the mission of the National League for Nursing and to promote excellence in nursing education to build a strong and diverse nursing workforce to advance the nation's health at the constituent level (TxLN By-Laws).

The TxLN has been in existence for a few years but this Board of Directors met face-to-face in Arlington this past February (at our own personal expense) and made the decision to restructure and concentrate on three goals:

I. Build a diverse, sustainable, member-led organization of Texas nurse educators.

II. Be the voice of Texas nurse educators and champion their interests.

III. Promote evidence-based nursing education and the scholarship of teaching in Texas.

Various board members will soon communicate our plans on how we will operationalize these goals. To find out more information as updates occur, please go the NLN website at http://www.nln.org/membership/constituent-leagues as well as find us on Facebook.

Your officers for the organization include:

• President: Alyce Ashcraft (TTUHSC)

• President-Elect: Open

• Secretary: Mary Yoho (Chamberlain)

• Treasurer: Donelle Barnes (UTA)

• Vice President for Communication: Amanda Veesart (Director in Charge of Membership and Website) (TTUHSC)

• Vice President for Education: Amy Mersiovsky (UMHB)

• Director in charge of Website: Jean Montgomery (Tarleton)

• Director of Strategic planning and Bylaws: Donelle Barnes (UTA)

• Director in charge of Nominations of future officers: Irma Trevino (CyberTex)

The Board of Directors meets every month via telephone conference and if you want more information or wish to serve on a committee, please let me know.

On a final note, a number of us will be at the National League for Nursing Summit in September where we are planning a special TxLN meeting to be held at a local restaurant so we can get to know each other and conduct a little business. If you are planning on being there, email Mary Yoho at myoho@chamberlain.edu and she will log your email for the message we will send with more details as the Summit approaches.

Thank you for being a member of NLN and we look forward to working with you!

Alyce Ashcraft

Texas League for Nursing